Mystery muscle car blares animal sounds in NYC neighborhood, leaving locals confused — and annoyed

It’s a real neighborhood moo-stery.

Roosevelt Island residents are having a cow over an elusive muscle car that’s been blaring annoying animal sounds across the neighborhood at all hours of the day.

Ive heard it early in the morning on weekends. Its not just mooing. Sometimes its a dog barking,” a 54-year-old resident named Risa told The Post. 3 The car, known by one four-year-old fan as “Chicken Man,” that’s been terrorizing Roosevelt Island with animal sounds. @islandhouserecs / Instagram

It was probably funny in the beginning to some people, but I always thought it was just rude.

In addition to drive-by barking and mooing, the black Dodge Challenger with tinted windows has been known to blast screeching chicken clucks and sirens from its open windows while cruising up and down Main Street, which bisects most of the island.

He often parks right outside my apartment. It happens every single day, sometimes starting as early as 7 a.m.,” said resident Lindsay Johanson.

“Its not only obnoxious animal sounds, its also ambulance-like sirens which honestly can be dangerous. Its the worst.”

Residents estimate the bovine broadcaster has been making appearances for about two years now, but that there was an uptick last summer where locals say the out-of-place sounds could be heard daily.

In the summer time it would be every day. Loud too. It would wake my daughter up, said one mother. 3 The car has been reportedly making rounds through Roosevelt Island for at least two years, with an uptick last summer Roosevelt Islander / Youtube

I dont hear it as constant as last summer. But sometimes he makes his way back here,” she said.

Exactly who the culprit is remains unclear although photos of the prankster’s vehicle have been posted on social media and the local news blog Roosevelt Insider, which reported on the neighborhood noise.

Most suspect the driver is not a resident of Roosevelt Island as the car tends to only pass through and isn’t ever seen parked on the street for long. Get all the stories that move New York to your inbox

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My daughter, who is 4, is obsessed with it,” said 46-year-old Tim McManus, who estimated the rolling barnyard known by his daughter as “chicken man” cruises Roosevelt Island’s Main Street about three times a day.

But for the island’s adult population, the chicken man’s schtick is wearing thin and most want somebody to put a stop to it. 3 Roosevelt Island residents are furious over the animal sounds. AFP via Getty Images

“I dont think theres nothing they can do about it. Maybe a ticket?” she said. “Someone needs to get this guy to stop.”

There is hope, as the chicken man could be in violation of city noise laws banning cars the size of a Challenger from playing sound audible from 150 feet away.

I personally havent made any complaints, but have heard that others have made complaints,” said Johanson. “But they havent done anything about it. 

The Post has reached out to the NYPD for comment but didn’t immediately hear back.

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